We have great pleasure in announcing that throughout August, members who wish can sign up to play 3 times a week in the drawn league – which we think has been a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who has taken part. Priority will be given to ensure people who want to play twice a week still can and we will manage availability for that.

The league will however end on Friday 28th August – so make sure you have your 15 games in by then! Sign up can be done easily online from our homepage,

Throughout September, we will be returning to run our Club “Fun Nights” like we did on Fridays throughout last season… so you may see the return of skittles, of moonlight bowls and BBQ, of Irish Bowls as well as a host of fresh ideas – but not naked bowls fear not!!

This may have been a very different season, but there is much to look forward to!

Finally, a reminder that once you have played 15 times in the league you do not need to stop! Your first 15 results count for the leaderboard, but your enjoyment can continue throughout all of August. Please do keep playing and enjoying the weather, the green, the friendships and the fun.

Thank you to all who have supported this venture – if you haven’t there is still time throughout August to get involved! We hope to finish the season off with a strong bowls programme that you can all enjoy.

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