Pitcher and Le Quesne Open at the Sun Bowls Club – results

On an exciting second day of the Pitcher and Le Quesne Open, the final round robin game was played before the knock out stages began. There was much to be decided and the bowls was of a high standard. After one extra tie-break end because of level scores, the quarter-final draw was completed. The line up was:

Margaret’s Favourites v The Incredibowlers

Job Dun v The Proper Charlies

Blood, Sweat and Tears v Knights Together

Babes and Balls v Dad’s Army

Margaret’s Favourites (Margaret Le Sueur, Malcolm De Sousa, Matt Herve), Job Dun (Suzanne and Marcus Job, Rob Duncan), Blood Sweat and Tears (Brian and Ann Bisson, Graeme Le Monnier) and Babes and Balls (Scott Ruderham, Kim Gallichan and Abbey Andrieux) were the successful teams to progress though to the semi-finals. And in the end, it was to be a final between Blood, Sweat and Tears and Job Dun, with the 3rd place playoff between Margaret’s Favourites and Babes and Balls. In two very closely fought contests Blood, Sweat and Tears claimed the winning position with Margaret’s Favourites taking third place.

At the presentation ceremony held in the clubhouse, all of the prizes (including ‘spot’ prizes) were presented by acting CEO of Pitcher and Le Quesne Craig Collier, who attended on both days of the competition with his wife, Rachel.

Congratulations to the winners and well done to everyone who took part over the weekend.

4th place: Babes and Balls (Scott Ruderham, Kim Gallichan and Abbey Andrieux)
3rd place: Margaret’s Favourites (Margaret Le Sueur, Malcolm De Sousa and Matt Herve)
2nd place: Job Dun (Suzanne Job, Rob Duncan and Marcus Job)
Wiiners: Blood, Sweat and Tears (Graeme Le Monnier, Ann and Brian Bisson)

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