Club History

History of the Sun Bowls Club 1927 to the present day.

In 1926, the Overseas Trading Corporation commissioned a design for a club room plus other facilities. The building as we know it was built by Ernest Farley (Builders) in 1927 and opened by the then Bailiff, Sir William Vernon, on 23rd May 1928.

The Sun Works Bowling Club flourished until September 1970 and on 17th September 1970, and extraordinary meeting of Island bowlers was held to discuss the formation of a new club to replace the Sun Works Bowling Club. A total number of 50 members from various Island Bowling Clubs were present. The meeting was chaired by Mr Chris Sheehan who outlined reasons for wishing to discontinue looking after the green and he explained the conditions which the OTC was prepared to make to any Club taking over the responsibility of the green.

The Sun Bowls Club was formed on October 22nd 1970, the first president being Mr L Austin. The following year, 1971, was the Club’s first competitive season. Whilst the OTC was still trading, the Sun Bowls Club had limited access to the various facilities. Club members were allowed to use the Pavilion (the OTC staff canteen) on no more than 6 days in each year when tournaments were being played providing that the dates were agreed beforehand.

The Sun Bowls Club installed and paid for an Automatic Watering System, constructed a water tank and pump house in 1985. The States of Jersey bought all the land owned by the OTC and held Community Planning meetings during May/June 1992.

The Sun Bowls Club negotiated a lease for the Club during a series of meetings with the States of Jersey during 1992/1993. A 9 year lease with the option to renew was eventually signed in 1994.

During the winter of 1995, a complete refurbishment was undertaken by club members. The Club Room was decorated, and the general notice board room created with carpets fitted throughout. Building permission was granted to turn the caretakers flat in to the Committee Room, ladies toilet and locker room. The kitchen store room and the original ladies toilet were completely re-organised to form the gents locker room and toilet.

Bowls in the Island was very popular at this time and the committee of the day had to limit the membership to 300, and had a waiting list of up to 20/30.

In 2007/2008, the kitchen was completely refurbished, new non slip Spanish tiles were laid on the patio and the old wooden lockers in the gents replaced. And in 2012, a bar was created and installed by members.

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