Tom Kidd

Tom was born on 17th March 1924 in Edinburgh. On leaving school he became a cinema projectionist and aged 18, he volunteered for the RAF. However, colour blindness prevented him from training to be a pilot so he then joined the Navy in the Signal Corps and became a Telegraphist – Morse Code in those days.

On his discharge in 1946, he took a correspondence course in the art of glass blowing and was subsequently employed in Bristol making glass scientific equipment.

In 1951, following a request by Tubeolight in Jersey for someone to come over to help construct a large neon sign (the Guiness sign at Charing Cross), Tom was chosen. Like so many others before and since, Tom became enamoured with our Island and, apart from a few visits back home, when he met Mary he convinced her to come to Jersey as well. They married in early 1964.

During this time, Tom had established his position at Tubeolight and became one of the main directors, eventually selling out when he retired in 1989 when he started to enjoy world cruises with Mary.

In 1991, Mary and Tom became members of The Sun Bowls Club. Sadly, Mary passed away in 1992. Tom adapted his life to cruising during the winter and spending as many hours as he could down at his second home – The Sun, either bowling or just watching and drinking tea, activities which he maintained had extended his life. A very sociable man whose wit and humour will always be remembered.

Unfortunately, Tom was tragically killed in Thailand on 5th March 2000 when ashore from one of his cruises. His body was cremated and his ashes were scattered at the club.

In his will, he made the following bequest:

‘I give and bequeath unto The Sun Bowls Club of First Tower, St Helier, Jersey, the sum of SEVENTY FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS STERLING (£75,000) absolutely, on condition that a trophy be purchased in my name for a drawn fours competition, to be played each year by members of the club only, and that following each yearly competition, Club members and officials shall be given a meal with wine. Also, I DECLARE that the receipt of the treasurer or other duly authorised officer of the said SUN BOWLS CLUB shall be a valid and sufficient discharge for the payment of the said legacy’.

From the year 2000 until 2016, Sun members have enjoyed this legacy (which is now exhausted) left by a much loved and most generous member of the club.

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