Terry Bell Perpetual Trophy

Presented by Terry Bell, the winner of this trophy each year is decided by the Committee. Committee members are asked to nominate a club member who, in their opinion, has given outstanding service to the club during the course of the season. Nominations are handed to the President, who then decides the winner based on nominations received. The trophy is then presented at the prize giving ceremony traditionally held at the end of Finals Weekend. Below is a list of previous winners.

2007                Piero Scarpa

2008                Denzil Le Maistre

2009                Bob Le Sueur

2010                Barry Hall

2011                Tony Morton

2012                Oscar Rive

2013                Helene and Maurice Fox

2014                Pat de Gruchy

2015                Phil Bichard

2016                Cathy Le Sueur

2017                Sue Cockle

2018                Jenny Rimeur

2019                Peter Davis

2020                Greg Davis

2021                Terry and Fay Le Mottee

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