Laurie Mauger Trophy

The Laurie Mauger Trophy is awarded annually to the member/members who, in the opinion of the majority of club members is/are considered to have rendered outstanding service to the club during the preceding season. Nominations must be received by the Secretary in writing before the annual AGM starts. In 2018, members were asked to write a few words to explain the reasons why they thought their nominee would be a worthy recipient. A secret vote is then held during the AGM to decide the winner. Below is a list of previous winners over the years.

1992                Kath Hickman

1993                Doug Morton

1994                Len Richardson

1995                Enid Hervieu

1996                Len Richardson

1997                Lionel Norman

1998                Lawrence de Gruchy

1999                John Stebbings

2000                Pat de Gruchy

2001                Terry Bell

2002                Ray le Cornu

2003                Margaret Le Sueur

2004                John Stebbings

2005                Peter Horn

2006                Beverly Barette

2007                John Le Gros

2008                Marianne Smith

2009                Margaret Osmont

2010                Henry Picot

2011                Bob Le Sueur

2012                Tony Morton

2013                Phil Bichard

2014                Pat de Gruchy

2015                Margaret and Tony Osmont/Margaret Le Sueur

2016                Phil Bichard

2017                Bob Le Sueur

2018                Greg Davis

2019                Jenny Rimeur

2020               Peter Davis

2021 Kevin Andrieux

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