One of the reasons we enjoy the outdoor bowls season is that we are able to go down to the club at any time and play.

Often this can be in league or tournaments but equally it can just be a roll-up with friends or with other members who are looking for a game.

However, we are only able to do this if we have a person willing to come down, open up and make the facility available to everyone.

The role of the steward is therefore a vital one in making the club successful and giving all members the opportunity to play. There are “21 sessions” in the week and it would be great if we were to have enough volunteers to cover them all.

We are going to make a small change to the role of the steward this year. Although the morning Steward will still need to prepare the green by brushing and ensuring the rink markers are set out appropriately, for the afternoon and evening sessions we will ask the members that come down to play to bring out their own equipment. There will therefore be no requirement for the steward to drag out the trolley. We hope that this will make the role possible for more people.

If you can find the time to give a couple of hours or so please put your name forward on the application form. If we do not have enough stewards then the green may not be open and this will make a big difference to the running of the club.

Now roll on April!
Yours sincerely

Andy Gibbs


Steward’s Duties (06:07:2018)


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