Singles Competitions; Handicap Pairs & Mixed 2 Wood Drawn Triples; 2020 Finals

In the Open Singles ’round robin’, players should agree a marker between themselves. Otherwise, the home player finds a marker in the knockout competitions. The marker’s name must be included in the appropriate box when booking a rink online. All games will be to 21 shots, as per a standard singles game.

Covid-19 Men’s Singles:

Covid-19 Mens Singles KO

Covid-19 Ladies Singles:

Covid-19 Ladies Singles KO

Covid-19 Open Singles Round Robin:

Covid-19 Open Singles Round Robin – groups

Covid 19 Open Group A

Covid 19 Open Group B

Covid 19 Open Group C

Covid 19 Open Group D

Covid 19 Open Group E

Covid 19 Open Group F

Covid 19 Open Group G

Covid-19 Open Singles KO draw:

Covid-19 Open Singles KO

Open Handicap Pairs:

Mixed 2 Wood Drawn Triples:

Lockdown 2 Wood Drawn Triples Teams

NB. These 2 wood triples games will be played over 15 ends. 

Finals 2020 – results:

Photos from the 2020 Finals Day can be seen on the Gallery page.

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