Sunday and Bank Holiday competitions

Roy Cornwall Trophy (Closing Day)

For the last Sunday competition of the 2022 season, 47 bowlers in total playing in triples teams contested the Roy Cornwall Trophy, which marks the end of the season on the green. Considering it was the last game of the season, the green was running well and the conditions were good, if a little chilly at the start of the day, but the sun shone for much of the time.

As it was an all day competition, there were 4 games of 8 ends to decide the winners. Two teams finished with 4 wins from their 4 games and so the result, as so often this season, came down to shot difference. Taking the runners-up spot with 8 points and a +25 shot difference was the team of Jackie Knight, John Bewhay and Alan Booth/Bob Le Sueur. But with a shot difference of +32, the winners were Greg Davis, Ray Lloyd and Ann Hunt.

It was hard to believe that this was the end of the 2022 season but it was good to once again see a full green as we have on so many other occasions this year. Roll on the 2023 season!


Presidents Day

The Presidents Day competition this year saw 44 club members take on the challenge of a 10 point game, where the scoring is 4 points for closest to the jack, 3 points for the second closest, 2 points for the third wood and 1 point for the fourth, meaning that both teams could score points on each end. In addition, each team could nominate a power play on one end in each game where the points scored – if any – would be doubled. On what was a very warm afternoon, and as this was a 2.30pm start time due to the late addition of the Tri-nations Test Match in to the sun Calendar, 16 teams of pairs and triples contested the trophy over just 2 eight end games on this occasion.

3 teams secured 2 wins so the result went down to shot difference. In the runner’s up spot, with 4 points and a shot difference of +34 was the team of Tony Osmont, Phil Bichard and Moira Larkin. But taking home the trophy this year were Fay Le Mottee and Tom Hunt, who finished with a +42 shot difference. Congratulations to them both and thanks to all who took part.


Captain’s Day

Captain’s Day is traditionally an all day competition followed by a BBQ. As has been the case for the last few years, the teams are not drawn for the whole day, but are drawn before the start of each of the four games. And so, for each of the sessions during the day, the teams and the rink to be played on are completely unknown until the draw is made. The players congregate in the clubhouse to witness the live draw as first a skip, then a two and finally a lead are drawn from the each of the relevant pots. As the day progresses, the draw becomes more and more interesting and the excitement and entertainment mounts, with much hilarity at times as well as some groans and frustration! In most cases, the teams are completely different. But in others, players could be drawn with or against someone they have been paired with previously. The live draw also determines on which rinks the games are played, meaning that a player does not necessarily play on four different rinks, as would normally be the case. Players score 2 points for a win and 1 for a draw and each team member is awarded the total number of team shots achieved in their games. At the end of the day, the winners are the most successful skip, the most successful two and the most successful lead, all of whom may not have played together during the day!

36 played took part in good conditions playing 4 x 8 end games of triples. Taking into account points scored and shot difference, the winners for each position were as follows:

Lead: Winner: Moira Larkin – 8 points and +23 shot difference (Moira was the only player to be in a winning team in all four games! Well done, Moira!).

Lead: Runner up: David Leese – 6 points and 0 shot difference.

Two: Winner: Phil Le Quesne – 6 points and +31 shot difference

Two: Runner up: John Bewhay – 6 points and +13 shot difference

Skip: Winner: Greg Davis – 6 points and +19 shot difference

Skip: Runner up: Dave De Gruchy – 6 points and -1 shot difference

Congratulations not only to all the winners and runners up but also to everyone who took part. Also, many thanks to Club Captain Kevin Andrieux for organising such a successful day.

After the fun and games on the green, around 50 members and guests enjoyed an excellent BBQ prepared and cooked by members of the Committee together with help from other club members.

Captain’s Day winners: Skip: Greg Davis; 2: Phil Le Quesne; Lead: Moira Larkin


Ron Medder Competition

The latest of our regular Sunday Competitions saw 38 members, aged from 13 to 90, take to the green for the Ron Medder Trophy. Once again the weather was glorious – if a little too hot for some – but the competition on the green was nothing less than expected. Playing mostly as triples, the 14 teams played the usual 3 x 8 end games. Four teams won 2 out for their 3 games but two teams won all 3, meaning that the result came down to shot difference.

In the runners-up spot with 6 points and a +13 shot difference was the team skipped by Club Captain Kevin Andrieux, ably supported by Phil Bichard and Junior member Libby Ellis. But just sealing the win with a shot difference of +16 was the team of Maurice Andrieux, Paul Whelan and Kate Achler. Congratulations to them and to all those who took part.


Dubois Charity Shield

Each year at our AGM, members have an opportunity to nominate a charity for the following season and a vote then follows to decide which charity will be supported. At the AGM in 2021, the chosen Charity was Mind Jersey. The Dubois Charity Shield is the annual half day competition where the money raised through green fees and a raffle, as well as the accumulated money in the charity ‘tips’ jar on the bar and the ‘wrong bias’ pot, are all added together and donated to charity.

And so it was that 12 teams came together to contest the annual Charity Shield competition over three 8 end games, once again in glorious conditions. Three teams finished with 2 wins out of their 3 games with nothing to split the teams skipped by Tim Knight and Russell Eyre, who both finished with a shot difference of +11, and therefore finishing in equal 3rd place.

However, two teams won all 3 of their matches and by the closest possible margin, the team of Kevin Andrieux, Noah Le Moine and Kate Achler – with a +15 shot difference – just pipped the team of Fay Le Mottee, Ray Lloyd and Alan Le Sueur, who finished with +14 shot difference.

However, the true winner on the day was Mind Jersey, as the Dubois Charity Shield Competition this year raised a magnificent £1000. Thanks to everyone who contributed to that success.


Roy Dupre Trophy

The latest in our calendar of annual Sunday competitions saw 34 bowlers tackle the 26 degree heat to contest the Roy Dupre Trophy in a half day competition. Thankfully the steady breeze kept the temperature almost bearable although for some the three games were a challenge. Nevertheless, 12 teams took to the green, which once again was in excellent condition. Our thanks to our greenkeeper Bob and his team for maintaining our playing surface in tip-top condition.

At the end of what seemed a long afternoon, 2 teams teams finished with a full house of three wins out of three. In second place, with a shot difference of +13 was the team skipped by Dave De Gruchy, along with Winston Turner and Sarah Holland. But with 6 points and a +19 shot difference was father and daughter team of Kevin and Abbey Andrieux. It is club policy that those who sign up for a competition get to play, rather than having reserves who may miss out. Inevitably this means that teams are not always complete triples.


Phil and Mary Le Quesne Trophy

The Phil and Mary Le Quesne Trophy was first presented back in 2004 for an Adult/Junior pairs competition. At that time, the club had a promising group of junior bowlers and this trophy was presented by Phil and Mary in order to give them some competitive play. Those junior bowlers have now grown up and all have gone on to represent their Club and the Island at senior and international level. After an initial four years, there were no more juniors coming through so the trophy was competed for on Captain’s Day initially but is now used for an all day Club competition which all members can take part in. With a thriving Junior Section now in place it is hoped that in 2023 an adult/junior competition might be reinstated.

However, for 2022, ten teams played four games of triples over 8 ends, making the most of the good weather conditions and a green that was running very well. Five teams achieved 2 wins out of their four games, but claiming the runners-up spot with three wins and a +23 shot difference was the team skipped by Russell Eyre, along with Winston Turner and Emma Ellis.

But with a ‘full house’ of four wins, and also with a +23 shot difference, was the team skipped by Bob and Cathy Le Sueur (who played 2 games each) supported by Ron Romeril and Ann Hunt. The trophy was presented by Phil and Mary themselves at the end of a very enjoyable day.


Buckfield Trophy

Challenging weather conditions did not prevent 34 members stepping out at the Sun to brave the cool and blustery conditions for the Buckfield Trophy. Competitors were drawn in to teams of 2 or 3 to play in three 8 end games.

Of the 12 teams playing, two sides won two out of three, each achieving a final score of 4 points. The overall winners, with a perfect three wins and a shot difference of +27 was the team of Russell Eyre, Alan Le Sueur and Anne Moon. In second place, also with three wins and six points but a shot difference of +11 were Kevin Andrieux, Melvyn Birch and Emma Ellis.

The team skipped by David De Gruchy won their opening two games but drew the last, giving them five points and a shot difference of +5, placing them just outside the prizes.


Gordon Bewhay Trophy

The Gordon Bewhay Trophy was competed for on Sunday 12th June. Once again, the weather was kind, although it was a somewhat cooler when the sun disappeared behind the clouds. Nevertheless, 42 members, both old and new, took to the green to play 3 x 8 end games as triples teams.

No less than 7 teams won two out of their three matches, therefore each scoring 4 points. There was only 2 points in shot difference separating 2nd and 3rd place. With +14 the team of Russell Eyre, Denise Pallot, and Noah Le Moine – a junior playing in his first Sunday competition – finished in second place just ahead of Fay Le Mottee, Margaret Le Sueur and Tom Hunt with a +12 shot difference.

Leading the way on this occasion with three wins out of three, was the team led by Dave De Gruchy, along with Ron and Trish Romeril. Congratulations to them. The trophy was presented by Gordon’s son, club member John Bewhay.


Tom Kidd Trophy 2022

The annual Tom Kidd Trophy is always a popular event and this year was no exception. For years Club members have enjoyed playing for this prestigious trophy and enjoying a meal and drinks at a local restaurant curtesy of Tom’s legacy to the Club. In spite of his legacy now being exhausted, the competition continues and this year was followed by an excellent BBQ prepared but the Club Committee and helpers.

46 bowlers took part in 4 x 8 end games played mostly as triples. Conditions were good, if a little chilly at times, but the sun did make an appearance.

As ever, the result was down to points and shot difference. Six teams finished with three wins out off their four games, leaving shot difference to decide the final placings. Two teams, skipped by Sue Cockle and Ross Davis, finished equal third with a shot difference of +12. But edging in to second place was the team skipped by Tim Knight with a shot difference of +17. However, with an impressive +20 shots was the team of Russell Eyre (skip), Margaret Andrieux together with Margaret Osmont and Liz Cole, who played a half day each.

After the game and the presentations, the BBQ was enjoyed by all, along with a glass of Pimms. Thanks must go to everyone who helped to make the BBQ a success and also to all those who were able to support the competition. It was good to see all 8 rinks being used again.


Liberation Day 2022 – The Margaret and Garnet Hafey Trophy

All dressed up in red, white and blue, 36 bowlers took to the green, once again in glorious conditions, to contest the annual Liberation Day Trophy. Four games of 8 ends were played across 6 rinks for the Margaret and Garnet Hafey Trophy. It was a pleasure to be able to welcome two of our junior members – aged 10 and 12 – who each played 2 of the 8 end games. Both Libby and Beth acquitted themselves very well – and lowered the average age on the green! Well done to both of them.

At the end of the day, 4 teams finished with three wins out of four, therefore gaining 6 points. However, claiming the runners-up spot on this occasion was the team of Fay Le Motte (skip), Russell Eyre and Tom Hunt, who achieved a very creditable +32 short difference. However, winning the day was the trio of Ross Davis (skip), Abbey Andrieux and Phil Bichard, who won all 4 of their games and therefore finished with 8 points and a +31 shot difference. Congratulations to them and to all the teams who took part in a very successful day.

The winning team of Phil Bichard, Abbey Andrieux and skip Ross Davis.


Ladies Day – The Mary Kidd Trophy

Following on from the success of our Opening Day Competition, our Ladies Day Competition – the Mary Kidd Trophy – was played out in glorious conditions on a superb green. 48 players, including 3 juniors, took to the green across 8 rinks of triples to contest 3 games of 6 ends. As it was Ladies Day, the dress code required something pink to be worn, which made for a colourful spectacle on the green.

At the end of the day, bowls was once again the winner. But in terms of the competition, 2 of the 16 teams won all 3 of their games. Finishing in the runners-up spot with 6 points and a +6 shot difference was the team led by Eileen Vowden, along with Phil Le Quesne and new bowler, Jennifer French. But taking the honours on this occasion was the team led by skip Trish Romeril, together with Kevin Andrieux and Tom Hunt with 6 points and +18 shot difference. Well done to both of those teams, but also to all those who supported the competition this year.


Opening Day – The Devonshire Trophy

Our season opened in glorious conditions and with 44 bowlers of all ages out on the green across 8 rinks. It was particularly pleasing to see new members taking part and also one of our Juniors, 10 year old Beth, who acquitted herself very well. The format was mostly triples, but with a couple of pairs teams in order to give everyone who signed up the opportunity to play. The Devonshire Trophy was contested over 3 games, each of 8 ends, played on a green which was running very well for mid-April. The dedication and hard work over the winter months of our green keeper, Bob Le Sueur, and his team had certainly paid off.

Of the 16 teams who took part, 9 teams won 1 game, 6 teams won 2 games and one team won all three of their games. Finishing in the runners-up spot with 4 points and a +18 shot difference was the team of Maurice Andrieux, Maureen Poree and Jim Larkin. But, as the only team to win all 3 games, therefore scoring 6 points with a shot difference of +14 was one of the pairs teams skipped by Kim Gallichan, who was partnered by Ron Romeril. Congratulations to them in particular, but also to all the teams for making the day such a success.

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