Drawn League – How You Doing?

It’s great to see so many of you joining in the fun of the league – so far we have had over 50 members taking part which is fantastic. Of course, we would always like to see more! If you have a concern that’s stopping you playing, why not let us know what it is on sunbowlsclub@gmail.com so we can see what we can do to address it?

For those of you who have taken part, you are likely curious to know how the leaderboard looks! You can find that now by clicking here.

The results entered are up until Sunday 28th June, and the sheet gets updated once per week.

Some of you might remember Kevin Andrieux’s bold claim he’d have 2 points at the end of Week 1… some of you may also find Kevin’s name on the leaderboard if you scroll far enough down! And no, unlike the above, he hasn’t been wearing a blindfold during league!

Stay Safe, Keep Bowling and enjoy your green time.

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