Points League guidelines

Regular, Competitive Bowls returns – in safe manner!

The following points should be observed to ensure the safe running of the points league, which will be held on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday evenings.

General points.

  • 4 alternate rinks will be used with a maximum of 24 players, who must pre-book online by clicking here or by contacting Greg on 07797 779669 at least 24 hours in advance
  • Format will be pairs or triples, depending on numbers each night
  • Players may only play in a maximum of 2 out of the 3 sessions each week
  • The cost for each game will be 50p, with prize money being awarded at the end of the season
  • The first 15 sessions for each player will ‘count’ towards the individual league score but players can play on more than 15 occasions if they wish
  • Players can choose when and how often they bowl over the course of the ‘season’
  • Players may be drawn to play in any position and teams will be different each session
  • Players will gather on the grass in front of the verandah by 6pm for the team and rink announcements – please ensure 2metres distance is kept between households.
  • Games will start on the bell at 6.10pm and last for 14 ends or 75 minutes
  • No trial ends
  • All players must sanitize their hands before the game (sanitizer will be available at the end of each rink)
  • Physical distancing must be observed at all times

The game itself.

The League rules, illustrated to make it easier to understand!
  • One score card only will be kept; the scores for each end will be recorded in the usual way and the total at the end of the game will be awarded to each player; the standard ‘2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw’ will also apply
  • Triples: when the leads are bowling, the #2 players will wait in the hoops to the either side of the rink; the lead not delivering a wood will stand behind the mat
  • When a lead has delivered his/her wood, he/she will walk in a clockwise direction away from the mat allowing the other lead to approach the mat, also in a clockwise direction
  • Once the leads have bowled they move to the hoops and the #2 players repeat the process
  • After all their woods have been delivered, the players proceed to the other end of the rink by walking in a clockwise direction in line with the LH rink marker; the skips will walk to the mat in a clockwise direction in line with the other rink marker
  • At the completion of an end, the winning team’s lead will first collect the jack and a nominated #2 will use a pusher to collect up all the woods (only one player should use the pusher during the game)

In order for players to get used to the ‘system’, the first week’s sessions will be ‘trial’ sessions and will not count towards the final standings. The ‘competition’ games will start on Monday 22nd June.

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