Friday ‘USA Golf’ Fun night


In spite of the inclement weather on Friday night, the ‘golf’ themed fun night went ahead as planned. The green was set out for 6 ‘golf’ rinks which included 3 ‘conventional’ holes, as well as ‘nearest the pin’, ‘straightest drive’ and ‘beat the pro’. Prizes on offer included a magnum of Champagne (which will now be auctioned off on Captains’ day thanks to Phil Bichard) as well as free drinks vouchers for the bar. Organised by the younger members of the club, this was a huge success and enjoyed by all who attended. After the ‘golf’, food was served which included hotdogs, pizza and doughnuts and that was followed by possibly the most unbelievable game of ‘play your cards right’ imaginable! Thanks to Greg for that but particular thanks to the ‘young guns’ for getting together (finally!!) to organise such a unique event for the club!

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